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Burmese Cats

Myth states that the Burmese Cats were the original ‘Guard Cats” for the Burmese Temples. This remains to be seen, but history tells as a fact, that all Burmese cats today in the West are ancestors of one Particular cat. Wong Mau, a walnut-brown queen was taken from Rangoon (the capital of Burma) and introduced to America in 1930. It wasn’t until 1948 that he made his first appearance in the UK. SealCoat Blue Surprise was the first Blue Burmese born in the UK in 1955.

Physical Appearance:

The Burmese is classed as a Short-hair and indeed her coat is shiny and dense. It overlays a medium-sized, sturdy, and well-muscled body. The head is rounded (unlike the long profile of the Siamese) a firm chin, and wide-set ears. Coat colours are: brown, blue, tortie, chocolate tortie, and lilac tortie. Burmese are quite vocal (though not as much as the Siamese). Burmese can live into their late teens.


This breed’s popularity is due largely to their extrovert, intelligence and character. They are often known as the people’s cat as they will seek out Humans in order to be with them. Within your home they are likely to follow you as you change the room you are in. Many have behaviours that one would normally expect from a dog! Such as retrieving and fetching objects, finding their toys and bringing them to their owners and being walked on a harness and lead. Expect to here vocal demands of “Play with me and my toy!” A very intelligent cat, the Burmese can learn how to open doors and cupboards and unravel toilet rolls.

Take into account:

Due to their strong social feeling for people they make ideal house pets. They get on well with children and usually other animals too. It is perhaps advised to keep Burmese as house cats because of their friendliness may lead them astray. At the same time they are very active and demanding cats. They will call for a great deal of attention. So they are perhaps not the cat of choice for an owner who is unable to meet these requests. Burmese breeders in the UK are plentiful.

Popularity: 21% [?]

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