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Egyptian Mau

Origins :

Almost certainly traces its ancestry from the African Wild Cat Felis Lybia Ocreata. More recently It was known they were being bred in continental Europe before the 2nd World War.. however by the end of the war few remained and they were close to extinction. They were rescued by a Russian Princess by the name of Nathalie Troubletsky. When emigrating to USA from Italy she took a few cats of Italian and Egyptian Origin. Subsequently, the line was developed in North America. This breed arrived in the UK in 1998.There was another line of cats called “Egyptian Mau” that was bred in the UK, but the two should not be confused. This second line was bred from Siamese cats and is now officially called Spotted Tabbies.

Physical Appearance:

This is a a medium sized cat, very elegant in its stance and has a striking resemblance to cats in ancient Egyptian art. They have an exotic spotted pattern to their coats and what is often describes as a “worried facial expression”. They are defined by their large gooseberry green eyes and they should have an “M” pattern in their fur over their forehead. There are three colours: Silver; Bronze; and Smoke (or jet black).


The Egyptian Mau is an intelligent cat. He is quick to learn where his food and toys are kept and how to open doors etc. They adore toys and enjoy playing fetch. They are an intensely social animal, get on well with other cats and bond well with people.


This breed is rare and records suggest only 500 kittens are born worldwide a year. They are very rare in Britain and if you want one there is likely to be a long waiting list. Claim to Fame:The Egyptian Mau is said to have the fastest reflexes of all cats.

Popularity: 58% [?]

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