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Norwegian Forest Cat

This cat does actually come from Norway. His claim to fame is he is the descendant of the cats that the Viking sailors took back to their homeland from Turkey, Spain, Africa, and Russia. But his real beginnings go back even further to Norse legend. From the 7th, 8th and 9th centuries myths talk of Freya the Norse God of Love. Her chariot was pulled by two huge grey cats. Thier descriptions very much answer the cat we know and love today.

Physical Appearance:

The average male will reach a weight of between 13 and 22lbs and females are usually half this size. Like most well-kept cats they have an average lifespan of between 15 and 20 years. They are classed as a semi-long haired cat and carry a thick and long coat. There tails are magnificently bushy.

Well I Never!:

The Norwegian Forest has a trick up its sleeve that no other cat can do. He can climb down trees head first. This breed loves climbing so keep an eye out!

Take into account:

This breed is a big cat and so will need the room and space and climbing areas to feel good . If he has not got this he is likely to get bored and has known to become a little destructive. Because of his coat he will need regular grooming. Especially in the spring, when he begins to moult his winter fur. Due to his even temperement he gets on well with children and other pets. History: After the different varieties interbred, the harsh Norwegian weather ensured that only those cats with the most rugged coats survived. First imported into Britain in 1987. First Championship in 1997.


Come in most colours except for seal-point and lilac. They are classed as semi-longhaired cats. They grow quite large and are distinguished by thier huge bushy tails.


Intelligent, fearless and lively. Can get on well wiith dogs and children.

Popularity: 80% [?]

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