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The Top Five Steps to Toilet Train Your Cat

Litter training is a simple solution to the alternative which is running over and letting them out of the house whenever they need to relieve themselves. Then, you have to hope you are home during these times. Yes, a litter trained cat is much easier to live with.

litter_kittenHowever, litter trays can be messy to clean and they can also start to smell too. For that reason, many owners often look into different ways of housetraining their cat. One method which seems to be popular with some owners is toilet training. Here you will find the top five ways to toilet train your cat. It may sound silly, but toilet training might actually be the best thing that you ever teach your cat!

1. Litter train with Newspaper

Before you can toilet train your cat, they first need to be litter trained. Ideally you should provide them with a solid box and newspaper to cover up their business. You should not use actual kitty litter as this will not flush down the toilet when it comes time to toilet train the cat. So using newspaper is the best idea.

2. Gradually Move the Litter Tray

Since cats are creatures of habit it is not a good idea to move their box quickly. They may lose where it is or refuse to use it at all. So, you will have to move the box in stages. Think of the box as if it were walking to the toilet. Everyday scoot the box a little closer to the toilet. (Or whenever you notice your cat is comfortable to where you moved it previously.)

3. Lowering The Sides Of The Litterbox

There is quite a difference between the toilet and the litter tray and your cat will definitely be able to tell the difference! So you need to start trimming down the sides of the litter tray. If you are using a strong cardboard box then this shouldn’t be too difficult. However you should obviously be careful if you are using a plastic tray!

Remember as you move the box lower the edges. Do this gradually so that kitty doesn’t notice you disrupting their everyday routine.

4. Place the Tray in the Toilet

Now that you have done all the past three steps and the box has gradually made it’s way to the toilet. You are now ready to put the box into the toilet. You will do this by tying the box inside of the toilet. Make sure when you tie the box inside the toilet that it is tied tight. If it were to fall in while your cat was using it, it will scare them and they may never come to use it again. Now it’s time for a little patience. Leave the box in the toilet until you notice your cat has become completely comfortable with the new situation. When your cat has adjusted then, move on to step five.

5. Cut a Hole in the Tray

The last step is simple. Just cut a hole in the bottom of the box. This is so kitty gets use to the water at the bottom of the toilet, and whatever kitty does will fall into the toilet. After kitty adjusts to this you can remove the box all together, and your cat will be toilet trained, and you a happy cat owner.

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