About us

Hello cat lover (or future cat lover).

I am Heidi and I am living in Italy with my husband Mark and we presently have a dog and five cats, one of which is blind.


This is my husband Mark with Sunnyboy the little prince


In case you think about having a cat or rescuing one from a shelter and you never had cats before, I want to tell you a little about me and how I came to love cats.

I actually always was fearful of cats up to my thirties. I had believed what people say about cats: they scratch you, they are aggressive and they are false – which kept me from ever touching such a wonderful creature. Fear is not a good master.

But once I visited a friend and she had a little black kitten. It was soooo sweet and she offered me to hold it for a while. I overcame the inner voices which warned me about all the bad impacts of cats on humans – and I held the cat and immediately fell in love with it. There were some tiny claws, yes, but if I (myself) was careful, they wouldn’t hurt me.


This is me and Trixi at my neck. The photo was taken during my afternoon nap a few days ago.

When I started to live in the Italian countryside somebody gave me an adult black cat. Adult cats are certainly different than kittens and I still was sort of fearful, but courageous enough to try to get in contact. I succeeded to have it on my lap, but I still wasn’t able to accept, that the cat wanted to lie on my chest and around my neck.

It took some more cats in my care until I was fully confident and now I enjoy my kitties being with me, laying on top of me or on my side, on the sofa, in bed, everywhere and I LOVE it. I have a deep relationship of friendship and trust with them. I have learnt how to BE MYSELF in order to allow the cat to be in close contact with me and to enjoy my presence.


I had more than 40 cats in about 25 years, many not alive any more, for various reasons, illnesses, old age or poison by heartless hunters whose aim it is to kill foxes.

The title for this website comes from the last challenge we are facing: a blind cat finding her way in our house and with the other animals around. You will find a lot of stories posted in the blog in time, so I don’t abuse your attention here on this page.

I just want to convey to you that caring for animals, especially for cats, is a huge joy. They will love you if you treat them in the right way. There are challenges and hard times to go through, sometimes, and every illness or death will be a difficult moment. But they will bring you in a even deeper relationship with the animal and its beautiful soul. So, when overcome, all those problems actually are possibilities for more love and connection.