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We invite you to send us your stories of your experiences with your pets. Please send us the story in pdf format or via Google docs. Please add some information about yourself and a photo of your cat or other pet and a photo of yourself, if possible together with your pet.

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6 comments on “Your Cat Story
  1. tania says:

    Thank you for sharing your stories with us. I have 10 cats and 2 dogs, ranging from nearly 2 to 23 years of age :-))
    Looking forward to you next installment.
    :-)) Tania

    • Heidi Hornlein says:

      Hi Tania,
      So nice to meet another passionate animal lover in you! Thanks for sharing. 23 years old? A dog or a cat?
      Would you like to share some stories about your experiences with your beloved creatures, here and/or in our “your story” section? This would be wonderful!
      Thank you again

  2. Karin Bauer says:

    I enjoyed your website! I am a cat lover too. I got my cat, Freddie, from the Trenton Cat Rescue, in February of this year. Freddie was found with a badly injured left leg. When he was found, (this was February 2015) he walked holding up his left leg, and his right leg was barely usable. He was taken to the Trenton Cat Rescue for surgery. The vet estimated he was 4 years old when he was found. He must have been owned by people once before, because if he was completely feral, he would not have let anyone handle him. Apparently when Freddie was found, he let the person pick him up and pet him. Freddie must have been a considerable amount of pain and was desperate for help.

    The surgery went well! He still has the surgical wound on his left leg and I have to treat it with medicine, along with that icky-tasting gel so he doesn’t pick at it.

    After the surgery he spent this last year and a half in the rescue facility, and in foster care. My home is now his permanent home 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Karin,
      I am so glad that Freddie found a home in your house where he is cared for and cherished. In my experience, cats recognize the help and care they get and they will always be grateful to you who is saving his life and giving him love!
      I am glad that you like the website. If you like you could write a guest post here about Freddie and your experience with him!

  3. Andrejs says:

    I would like, to be honest, and ask others for advice regarding the topic. Maybe it is the silly question and the final decision is in my anyway have to be my own.
    Do I need it, maybe better is to say, do I need new cat again at all? About three months ago my Mikanoss died. We were friends for eleven years. One morning Mikis just lay in the grass near the house. I buried him next to a backyard fence. Actually, it is hard to write about him. Maybe no more pets.

    • Heidi Hornlein says:

      It is very hard to loose a pet with whom we had created a wonderful relationship. And I imagine that you were very upset and sad when you found Miki dead. He will stay in your memory like he was. In my experience it is really nice to get another cat when the occasion arrives to you. Every cat is different, every relationship you have will be different. You will love the new cat, too. And you will have much joy. So take your time. Life with pets is just better than without!

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