Cats adore to work from home

Do you work from home? – then have a cat to help you!

Three cats outdoors

Three cats outdoors – waiting for mice?

Many of us are tired of going to work and follow the orders of others. We want to be autonomous and we want to work from home. So do cats. Obviously, they love to be in your home with you. But more: Cats adore to work from home, as much as we do

It’s not about catching mice no mice at home. Cat would need to go out into the fields, it is cold, rainy, unpleasant. WHO WOULD WANT TO GO OUT AND WORK THERE?

Nobody does, cats neither.

So what do they do? They help you! and they are eager to do their best to empty your desk from all movable things. Pens and papers land on the floor and get eaten by the dog. “I don’t care! I am comfortable where I am”, I heard Sunny say, the cat in this video.

Dog with blue pencil in her mouth

Lucky likes color pencils

Cat Sunny has happy helpers who can use the pens in their own way. Lucky, the dog, has the colorful and often not so pleasant habit to chew the objects which fall on the floor.  Here is what comes out of it:

A cat sees herself on a computer screen

Sophie’ existential moment

And sometimes it is interesting to see things on that big screen. When Cat is not to tired he might be interested in what is going on in the cyber world. And today huuuu. Who is that? Sophie has an identity crisis


Cat streched out near the computer keyboard

Sunny working on the computer with his hind feet


And actually Cat Sunny has magical powers. Sleeping in certain positions the screen lights up and even makes noises. He is happy about that – I am not when he is writing thousands of aaaaa<<<<<<  in my document.

A person's hand touching cats, all watching the computer screen

Everybody watching the computer screen


Altogether, it is good to have some help with your work, isn’t it? But still, I have to do most of it myself. Outsourcing to kitties hasn’t worked yet well. Maybe, in the next round of evolution, Cat will write the cat.posts without my humble help.


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  1. Ella Fallgren says:

    Very funny! Cats are experts at putting themselves between you and the computer or on top of the paper you are working on!

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