Do you love cats? – Here some true stories of my 25 years with cats.

Do you love cats? – Here some true stories of my 25 years with cats.

In this blog I want to share with you what I have learnt in my life with cats: I moved from fear of touching a cat to total confidence in being with them and handling them in whatever situation.

Cats – animals all together – are somehow like humans. Their behavior, their moods, their way of communicating, their wellbeing and their struggles with illnesses. I had about 40+ cats in 25 years, living in the Italian countryside. Many of them disappeared or died by illnesses, but I have still have 5 cats and one of them is KITTY, the blind cat.

This blog will tell you her story. We will post photos and videos of her and show you how she is easily adapting to her life which hadn’t been dark for her whole life. We will also tell you about the interactions in the tribe, about the rise and falls of princes and queens which we could witness in the past and we will give you hints in how to handle problems which might arise for you and your cat.


We will also tell stories about the other cats and the dog. They all are a family together which is really interesting to watch!

Feel free to comment on the posts and contact us directly with any question you have, also regarding other animals like dogs, chicken, rabbits, sheep and so on. We will be happy to answer as best as we can. Check out our ABOUT US page for info about us humans.

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