How a blind cat finds its way in new environment

Blind cats move comfortably in surrounding which they know very well, but, as you can expect, they feel insecure when they find themselves in a place they don’t know yet.

This video shows the attempt of a blind cat to find a way out of an unusual situation. She makes many attempts to understand how high she is over the ground and is not courageous enough to just jump down. She probably understands that it is higher than a chair where she normally gets down without problems.
The cat hears our voices, but it is not enough to calm her down, she just wants to get down from the table. When she finally is down, she expresses her emotional state by licking herself, always an expression of overcome insecurity, but still not at ease.

2 comments on “How a blind cat finds its way in new environment
  1. James Kelly says:

    Thank you for this very interesting and heart rending video of a blind cat using all her other senses to figure out how to get down from that table. Just shows you how smart cats are even with this disadvantage of blindness! It must have been even more stressful to him with a dog barking nearby.

    • Heidi Hornlein says:

      I am always amazed with what easiness the blind cat finds her way. On the ground she often bangs into something – no problem, she just re-directs her way, tries to find a free space, doesn’t seem to be worried at all. If you think what humans would do! Complain, etc. Cats don’t at all……

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