Loving cats expressing their affection for each other

Who ever says that adult cats don’t connect?

I have really loving cats who express their affection for each other, believe it or not.

Sunny His Majesty

Sunny His Majesty

Sunny, “His Majesty” arrived as a little kitten – and he mixed up the whole pet family. All the other cats were much older and they felt annoyed by the innocent but vigorous attempts of Sunnyboy to engage them in some activity. Most of them reacted by fleeing and hissing. But Luzzy with his phlegmatic way of being just didn’t care and continued to sleep on the sofa. He ignored the little guy.


Luzzy the sweet granpa

Luzzy the sweet granpa


Now, Sunny is about 3 years old and the 2 cats are REALLY big friends. Both are neutered males. Who would ever think that male cats wouldn’t fight each other, but LOVE each other? (See another story about the usefulness of neutering HERE)


I have taken lots of photos and videos of them because I really enjoy the atmosphere which these 2 little creatures create.

View below a short videoclip of their love and tenderness


2 comments on “Loving cats expressing their affection for each other
  1. Xdeem Li says:

    It looks like the cat is giving a bathe! Either way still very affectionate.

    • And one of our other cats, not Luzzy who’s busy here, will decide that my nose, or cheek, or finger, is just TOO dirty for her sensitivities and will begin to groom me. As the grandma cat, she id very experienced in doling out this kind of care.

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