That’s YOU from the Perspective of your Kittycat

What cats think about us

We cat owners like to watch our kitties and enjoy their movements and moods. We think about how they feel and want to do whatever is best for them. But have you aver thought about who YOU are from the perspective of your KITTYCAT?  It is unbelievable, but THAT is YOU in their perspective: A somehow silly human who needs some education to really meet up with the cat in question!

That made me REALLY laugh

I found a hilarious book which made me chuckle very often while I was reading what the author Xina Marie Uhl  put into the mouth of the cat who is advising other cats on how to handle their humans.

There are teachings about

One of the images in the book I am telling you about here.

One of the images in the book I am telling you about here.

the differences between humans and cats.

For instance what a cat needs to know when sleeping in bed with their people:   Quote: “The sheer number of hours a day you spend sleeping dwarfs any other activity. Therefore, it is important to understand how human sleep patterns differ from your own. Humans suffer from hyperactivity disorders that limits their sleeping hours to a mere 7 to 10 per night. In extreme cases, some humans regularly make do with six hours or less. Once asleep, however, they can be difficult to wake during the darkest hours. Furthermore, when you do manage to awaken them, they often simply burrow deeper in the fluff they surround themselves with and fall back asleep. Other times they may eject you from their sleeping platform entirely. Because of this, many felines simply adjust their sleeping hours to match that of their humans”.

And then you find suggestions for the other cats how to wake up their people:

Quote: “Effective means of waking your human include: (1) Pouncing on their feet with claws extended, an action which may be performed with or without added playful biting. (2) Executing your monthly cardiovascular activities up and down the drapes in their sleeping hovel. (3) Walking, sitting, lying, and/or kneading your claws on their heads and faces. (4) Calling to them in a loud, forceful, and repeated manner, especially if you are hungry”

And there is much much more to smile and fill you with love for your dear kittie

So when you love your cats and you want to know a little more about what THEY think of YOU:

Do click the link below the book cover and get the wonderful e-book. It costs very little as an ebook, other formats available.

Cats Behavior book

you find the book here as e-book, paperback or audiobook :
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2 comments on “That’s YOU from the Perspective of your Kittycat
  1. Evie says:

    Thats so amusing – a cat book written from the perspective of a cat. I like items like that as they are great for fun gifts (my mother sometimes gets me strange cat books for xmas). I can almost relate to the cats in the middle of the night – though in my case even though I only sleep 5 hours a night my cats actually do not like to be awake at night. To be honest, I get a look of disgust off them if I stay up after 2am as they are expecting to go to bed. Usually I have to wake them up in the morning as well. I get up about 3 times during the night – and they are still asleep. I might have un-catlike cats

  2. Chris Harris says:

    Very interesting when you consider the perspective of a cat to us humans. I do wonder what our animals think of us and what they would say if they could speak. This is a good read, thanks for sharing.

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