When a cat loses weight

We women always want to lose weight and often try hard without succeeding. But what happens when a cat loses weight?

When cats change their appearance, is it a threat to their health?

My cat Trixi, 13 years old grandma loves to eat. She never fights for the first position on the plate but waits quietly until everyone has eaten – and then she has all the time of the world to feed, as the plates are always filled. So she carried quite a little belly around, not too much, but clearly visible.

Now, during summer, I realized that the belly was gone. What does it mean? I had happened to visit the website of a colleague blogger on diabetes in cats. There, weight loss was described as a possible symptom for diabetes. I didn’t want to miss the chance to keep Trixi healthy – as it happened 2 years ago with her brother Tommy, whose weight loss I didn’t notice because of his long hair, and when I did, it was too late. (He died of advanced thyroid dysfunction, still so sad about it!)

A visit to the Vet

So I took Trixi and went to the vet and in this blog post I want to show you 3 short videos about the interaction with the vet and how the analysis was done.

We speak in Italian, but I inserted a summary in English in the video.


In the second video we discover a furless spot and Dr.Elisabetta Scorzoni explains where it comes from

And, finally, she draws blood to analyse it and see if there is something going on in Trixi’s health. Trixi is a perfect patient!

The glycemic values turned out fine, and so did all the others! I am happy that the weight loss of Trixi was not the effect of an illness, but probably only of a very hot summer!
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