Apropos Cats: Spiritual healing energy flows anywhere – by Margherita Crystal Lotus

Apropos Cats: Spiritual healing energy flows anywhere – by Margherita Crystal Lotus

What effect does spiritual healing energy have?

My cat is a conduit for spiritual healing energy, as he is aware of the energies in nature. Not all humans are aware of this. For example in the video below, my cat protects me, and the property against invading foxes. Take a look!

Healing is what our body do every day. It is a repair mechanism, that continuously replace our cells and create new ones. If you get a scratch on your skin, your body heals it in a few days by itself. If you are hurt by someone criticising you, you heal yourself by becoming aware on a Spiritual level. It is the higher level beyond our physical and mental-emotional bodies.

Energy means life force, which we cannot be without. The energy in our body for example in our brain and along our nervous system connect electrical impulses in our body, similar to an electrical cord between the outlet into your computer. Energy appears as raw energy up to very subtle energy frequencies. Let’s say you touch someone you love, you will feel good energies inside. On the subtle levels the refined life force energy appear in a person’s chakras .

To do spiritual healing we first have to learn it, from someone who knows what to do. It could be any spiritual healing modality such as reiki, crystal healing, chakra healing, healing with herbs, homeopathy etc. I began to do spiritual healing, in 1998 after my divorce. My entry point was crystal healing. It doesn’t matter which modality you are interested in as long as you work with what serves a person best.

To help our fellow man, or woman also helps you, because you evolve in your conscious awareness. Why is this so important?

Here are 5 reasons engage for in spiritual healing energy modalities:

  1. Remove your emotional reactions at will
  2. Become aware how to stay happy
  3. Inspire those who are suffering from stress
  4. Create communities that support each other
  5. Be a genuine go-to authority in your field


Let your spiritual healing energy reward you on your journey.

Margherita Crystal Lotus
Guest Writer

Margherita,300px 113dpi,Margherita Crystal Lotus is a Healing Catalyst for women burdened with stress and pain. She also taught and helped over 1000 clients during the last 18 years.

She is also the author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals, and Where Heart Touches Matter – Chakra Colouring Book and Course.



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4 comments on “Apropos Cats: Spiritual healing energy flows anywhere – by Margherita Crystal Lotus
  1. Andrea says:

    I absolutely believe that animals have spiritual and extra-sensory perceptions that human beings do not. Just petting a cat, or any other pet for that matter, can certainly relieve stress, calm the mind and heal.

  2. Margherita says:

    Awesome post Heidi!

    • M says:

      I should say that, this site is also for cat owners like myself. My cat also love to sleep on crystals for some reason. And the colouring book described he (my cat) has patiently waited for his food while I coloured in the drawings. He and I got less stress doing that.

  3. I just bought the Kindle edition and am appreciating your illustrations, Margherita. It’ll be interesting to get your take on the chakras…and I might just actually LEARN something! At the very least I will be getting my feminine on for the reading (which I always enjoy – that is, both the feminine and the reading!).

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