Brendie’s baby girl talks about her life as a black cat

If you want to know how your cat thinks about her life with you: read this article of the cat-lover Brendie . She allows her baby girl to talk about her life – as a black cat. Yes, BABY GIRL is an adorable black cat and you will find many similarities to your own cat. Maybe you will even be inspired to write some stories yourself about life from the perspective of YOUR cat. It is really fun!


There is an amusing e-book with similar and hilarious stories about how cats see their owners and what they advice other cats to be aware of. “A Cats Guide to Human Behavior”
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6 comments on “Brendie’s baby girl talks about her life as a black cat
  1. Brendie says:

    Thank you for publishing my article! Baby Girl is a one of a kind cat. That is a great introduction to the article.

    • Heidi Hornlein says:

      Thank you, Brendie, for providing this lovely article for our website. It was an honor and a pleasure to publish it. Hoping for more!

  2. Helen Doyle says:

    Baby Girl really sounds like our cats. All of them have sat on the books, the keyboard and laps (when they want to kick us out of our chairs they start wiggling around a lot!).

    Our current cat Katie adds an extra exotic touch. She shreds paper to get our attention. Nothing has worked to stop her. She eyes us from under her ‘eyebrows’, reaches out delicately with her paw and RIP! Now Baby Girl really shouldn’t read this comment. She might get ideas.

    • Heidi Hornlein says:

      Helen, thanks for your advice to Baby Girl re how she can shred paper, lol. I guess, Brendie would be pleased if we don’t tell her, don’t you think?
      Do you have a cat-story to share here? I see you have enough experience with computer savvy cats etc.!

  3. GiuliaB says:

    From a non-cat person Heidi, what a wonderful website. I love cats but, as you probably know from my website, I’m more of a dog woman. Neverveless, the more I read from your pages here, the more I’m thinking what cutesters cats are. And Baby Girl here is adorable! Funny Brendie chose a black kitten, as I favour black cats to other coats. And Bendie’s rendition on Baby Girl thoughts is absolutely brilliant. I should look out to more feline adventures on your site Heidi, thank you ??

    • Heidi Hornlein says:

      Giulia, I am really glad to have helped to open up your heart for cats. I do understand your love for dogs, I have a very cute and intelligent one, too. The nice things with cats is that they are more independent – don’t hang around and ask fo going out with her or cuddle or play. Cats ALLOW you to come near – or not. And when they are in this special mood, then it is a real big gift and the love flows!

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