Cats love Summer – I love cats and summer

Summer memories
This is a moment in August 2016 when it was hot in Italy. I love cats, you can see it. And I know, cats love summer, too. But having a heavy fur is not so comfortable when it is hot.
Luzzy the white orange cat, has a very dense fur and he catches all sorts of stuff in it when he walks through the summer fields. While I am telling his story in the video below I cannot resist to try to get the sticky seeds out of fur. Luzzy is patient, yes, but too much is too much!
Being a little slow is an advantage
If cats can be phlegmatic, Luzzy certainly has this quality. When Sunnyboy joined our family about 3 years ago, he was a little kitten and tyrannized all other cats by his requests to play with him. Everybody got very annoyed by his behavior – except Luzzy.  He stayed lying on the sofa and completely ignored the young and vigorous kitten. Sometimes he clawed him a little as if to push away a nasty insect. 

And today they are the best friends. Sunny has calmed down a lot. He still is THE PRINCE in the cat tribe, but he accepts Luzzy as superior, as his Granpa, who is allowed to lick him and with whom he snuggles a lot.
I love cats, I guess you can tell!
Here you see me in summer in a short video. I really love summer and don’t enjoy the idea of winter coming nearer and nearer! In the video I am talking about Luzzy’s challenges, and then the affectionate scene with Luzzy and Sunny.



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