Do you have problems with your kitty?

As much as we love our cats – sometimes they succeed to make us REALLY angry, don’t they?

Our Trixi places her poop underneath the staircase, Kittie scratches the sofa and Sunny loves to sleep on my computer keyboard (writing his own articles – lol)

What to do when you are really fed up with your cat’s behavior?

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Mark trying to work on his desk…..

Well, sometimes I have some working ideas, but actually, I was looking out for some special advice of people who have more experience than myself in that. My cats, most of the time live outside and so those problems come up mainly in winter. But when your cats live always inside, the quick resolution of the problem is mandatory.

Anyways, I came across this marvellous e-book by Pamela Merrit called CAT 911. and it was a good reminder and guideline for me

Communication is the KEY

Pamela sees those problems as a result of missing communication between you and your cat. And bad cat behavior often is a signal for what is missing for the cat, her way of communicating  it too you. Sometimes it is also an expression of anger or disappointment. Has it ever happened to you that you left the cat alone or with other people for some days – or even weeks – and when you come back home it ignores you completely and makes pipi right in front of where you are? I certainly did.


Trixi the Granma Cat

So, when we learn to understand better what our cats really need from us, when we let go our preconceptions about how a cat SHOULD be, but perceive how it IS and what it NEEDS, then most of the problems will get better and probably disappear. My experience is confirming  it, for sure

Pamela Merrit’s Book

CAT 911 As e-book or paperback: Click here to view more detailsebookcat911

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