Her Majesty, Queen Snowwhite and her Favorite Sir Emir

Yes, you heard right. Snow-White, the cat we have already talked about in previous posts, she was Her Majesty, the Queen of the cat tribe in our place. She had her own opinions about everything and everybody. And she certainly wouldn’t allow anybody to get near to her without her permission.

Snowwhite – the absolute boss

White cat

Like Snow-White, the Queen!

Snowwhite chased everybody away who crossed her way, especially when she was angry, disappointed or in a similar negative mood. Imagine humans when they receive some bad news or some putback by a boss so that they cannot really blow up in the moment. They would meet another innocent person and explode all their frustration and anger on them. Well, Snowwhite did exactly the same thing. When I didn’t fulfill on her demands she went away with a slendering lurky walk and as soon as someone else – I mean another cat – crossed her way she clawed it, screamed and unloaded all the contracted anger.

The cat hierarchy

In time Snowwhite made sure that she was feared by everybody. All cats turned around when they saw her appear or made a half circle around her and avoided by all means to cross her ways. They even gave up their preferred spots in the warm spring sun and left it to the queen without any argument. The hierarchy was well established.

red cat

A red cat like SIR EMIR

She loved only ONE

When the mating times arrived Snowwhite would fight fiercely if some male tried to come near her. No way, nobody was allowed to enter the space of 1 m around her – except Sir Emir, the crown prince. Since he came to us as a small kitten Snow-white felt drawn to him. He was a beautiful orange cat with a patchwork fur of different shades of red-orange. He was of sweet temper and wasn’t very impressed of the general expression of animosity of Snow-white, even when he, rarely, was the object of her attacks. He just didn’t mind and waited for better moments.

The eternal couple

So Snow-white and Emir became a couple, faithful until death did them part – at least from the part of Snowwhite. She was always at home, especially when she turned totally deaf, while Emir, like all males, sometimes went off – and who knows whom he was dating then to the unknown of his queen at home!

A staue of a white and a golden cat

A couple like Queen Snowwhite and Sir Emir

It was a joy to see them together, curled up on a cushion, near to each other, peaceful and in confidence. You wouldn’t believe that Snowwhite could be this way with a fellow creature, calm, sweet, loving and emanating sounds of cat-happiness! But there they were, the eternal couple! All kittens Snow white ever had were Emir’s children, most of them white, red or multicolored, hardly ever a “normal” grey-white or blackish cat. These colors were not in their genes. And so I ended up for many years with a huge bunch of white and red cats – while the other colors from previous gene pools slowly died out – until I got new kittens from outside the clan.

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