Using youtube for funny cat videos? – YES

Looking for something light and funny

Several years ago I stumbled upon a little video while browsing for something relaxing and joyful. The design of that cat with the huge eyes promised a funny cat video. It is short, but I laughed and laughed for a long time.

If you have cats yourself you can see your own cat here, his ideas and strategies – although probably less sophisticated than Simon’s cat – but fundamentally the same.

Below the funny cat video which seems to be the first one created by the gifted artist Simon Tofield

In the past years he has created many many more of these beautiful short delights of funny cats and their exaggerated behavior which makes us realize the emotional life of our beloved animals and their way of thinking and doing. After watching them you will have a different smile on your face when your cat is, again, doing some sort of damage.

Here some advice of what (not) to do when you have an appointment at the Vet

Can you share your videos of funny stories with us?

If you have experienced funny – or not so funny – moments with your cats, I encourage you to write a story and tell us what happened. If you have photos and videos, we are happy to have you here as a guest author. Connect with us via the contact form!

One comment on “Using youtube for funny cat videos? – YES
  1. Cat says:

    I love Simon’s Cat. He depicts cats perfectly through his cartoons!

    I really love your site! Your stories are amazing and I could read them all day. I really appreciate and can relate to the way you feel about your cats. They are magical animals and great best friends.

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