Does My Cat Like Me? – That Is The Question

Did you ever ask yourself the question: Does my cat like me? Well, I did and sometimes I was sure, sometimes not so much. Today I I would like to share with you letter from Evelyn with exactly this question – inviting you to give your 2 cents! 

This is a letter from Evelyn:

I know you have your cat story section on your website, but I want a full blog for myself. I know this is a little selfish of me, but a while back I heard on the radio when I was driving that our cats really didn’t like us?

I’m sure this question has come up with other cat owners who may experience what I do. I am also hoping that you will give us answers to this question to people like me who may feel the same way as I do.

I know that cats have their own personality and can be quite strange at times. I had a family cat during my teen years.

Drawing of a friendly cat

A loving cat

Back then our cat was a male cat and his name was Brutus. He was a loving cat and loved us to pet him.

He would come close to us and purr and let us pet him. He would also leave those honoring presents on our doorsteps that made us girls scream when we were leaving our home, Lol.

It got to the point when we would leave the home we’d peek out the door first to see if Brutus left a present for us.

To make a long story short…

Unfortunately, we had to put Brutus to sleep. He was missing for a long time. We did not know what happened to him.

We looked for him but we couldn’t find him for months. Then one day Brutus came home. He was a mess. He looked like he was attacked by an animal.

On the way to the Vet, we were crying. I was holding him so close to me, it was so sad.

The Vet said an animal attacked him and the vet suggested that we put him to sleep.

I was a mess and couldn’t remember all the details of what the Vet was saying. All I could remember was that there was nothing the Vet could do for Brutus.

It was so sad and I never owned a pet for years.

The next time that pets were introduced into my life again was when I had my own children.

Back To The Statement On The Radio

When I heard that statement on the radio, it got me thinking about my cat Boots A.K.A, Kaboodle. She has two names depending on the mood we are in when we call out her name.

We usually call her Boots when she is snobby and Kaboodles when she shows very small affection.

We named her Boots because she is a grey cat and her paws are white. She sports her Wonder Woman boots better than any woman out there in the world, Lol.

Evelyn's cat - grey with white paws

Evelyn’s cat – grey with white paws

We’ve had Boots since she was a kitten and love her dearly. She was a very loving kitten, but as time grew and she started to grow into her own, she wasn’t as loving as she was as a kitten.

Kaboodle is quite the snob and is only loving when it is time to eat or if she needs me to open the door so she can go outside to do her thing in our neighborhood.

Boots really doesn’t like me to pick her up or even pet her. She will let me pet her, but she will run away quickly so I don’t really touch her, but I love her dearly.

No Presents From Boots

Boots has never (knock on wood) left those presents like Brutus did in my teen years. I’m not complaining about that as I could do without the gifts.

The only time we got some sort of honoring gift was once.

What happened was, I let her in the house and something flew out of her mouth.

I’m like what is that… It started to fly and it turns out it was a black bat.

A bat… you know B A T, bat like a Vampire bat, Batman bat. A BAT!!!, Lol.

bat photo: Bat bat1.gif

I was screaming and ran into my daughter’s room when I saw the black bat flying in the house.

I forgot about my son and he was screaming. I never heard my son scream so loudly before, Lol

I had to become brave and open the front and back doors in hopes that the bat will fly out.

The bat did fly out of my house, thank goodness…

Once the bat flew out, Boots looked at me like what did you just do? Then she walked away like I did something bad.

Well, I didn’t feel bad for letting that black bat out as I knew she would get over it, Lol.

Back To My Question

How do you know if our cats like us? I never thought about it until I heard the statement on the radio.

I did look up online about signs that our cats love us, I remember a few like…

  • They rub against you
  • Purrs
  • Sleep on or next to you
  • And of course leaves dead presents

There were other reasons, but the only affection Boots shows is when she purrs when it’s time to eat.

She does rub against me if I’m feeding her, but other than that, she doesn’t show other affections like what I’ve read online.


Evelyn's cat - grey with white paws

Evelyn’s cat – grey with white paws

Boot does come back home all the time, but that could be because she’s hungry, Lol.


I would love to hear your advice to bring a closer bond between us or should we just keep things the way they are?


I know that love comes in all shapes and forms. Maybe our relationship is just fine.

And I don’t want to stress my Boots out either by trying to change things between us.

If there is a way to have a closer bond without stressing my Boots, then I’m all in.

I would love to hear your advice and If anybody else out there would love to comment, please feel free to give your two cents. I’m looking forward to hearing all of the advice.

Thanks for allowing me to do a guest blog on your website. It’s been an honor writing my thoughts. 🙂


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